tisdag 4 augusti 2020

lördag 1 augusti 2020

söndag 5 juli 2020

Grandmothers rose

In my garden we have roses that my grandmother or possibly great grandmother planted. That kind of old roses that smells wonderful. Right now I'm kind of in to taking still life photos so I couldn't resist taking this one. 

måndag 29 juni 2020

söndag 21 juni 2020


A photo from last weekend when we went to buy some flowers to the garden. 

lördag 6 juni 2020

Spider Araneus diadematus

The other day I found this fellow in our house. Is this a sign that it's time to clean it?

lördag 30 maj 2020

Common Caffinch

I have taken and edited a lot of photos lately, but forgotten to post them here. I've started to take some online courses and this was editing with the help of some Lightroom presets. Very fun to work with the photos this way. 

This little Common Caffinch and it's friends is seen very often in our garden right now.